Very unlucky month and also the worst year 2009…

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Recently lot bad news from friend, about family , relationship , financial, parent…Every shits that i know…non of it is good news. Everything just turn bad bad bad and worst.

Guess this is life , pick up the challenge , face it , solve it !

Do not blame anyone about it … shit is a test from GOD , pass it and make a new chapter of your life !


B r y a N`



Something that might very valuable for you …

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“To the world you are one person, but to one person you are the world”

It might be tiny to that not important, less impact. But in somewhere round, something or someone it might be valuable, important or meaningful for someone. Depending how you judge it, see it. Like love, she/he might be tiny and not very attracted to others, but for you…it might be the whole world, from head to feet its just like very very special for you, until you feel is she/he is like the whole world. When you have this kind of feeling to someone, its mean you already fall in love to someone……

B r y a N`


Chinese ghost month ….

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This month is Chinese ghost month, Mum already mumbling and asked me not to go out so often at night. This month make me think back  my father, my dad pass away when i was standard 5. I am 11 years old that time, kinda blur blur when heard the news my dad were caught in a accident, I still think that is nothing and continue watch TV until my uncle told me that is a very serious accident and might lost him. At the moment, I really don’t know want to give what kind of respond. I just recall at the whole journey from my house to hospital, my whole brain is empty and sit in there car quietly,  as well as my uncle,uncle’s wife, my cousin. After arrive hospital, my cousin str8 away bring me to the ICU to see my father, when go in to the room, saw my father lying there, whole body was attach with tube. I was really really scare, doctor and my mum was standing there discussing something, I can sense something is really bad, never seen my mum in those kind of worried before. After like 15 minute finish talking with the doctor, mum come over hug me and told me that, we might lost dad because the organ inside my dad body was badly injured, and what can we do is just pray for it hope miracle happen. Been in the room for like 45 minute, everyone inside the room remaining quiet until the my take take his last breath and pass away, no miracle happen and I lost one of my closest family member. Went out from the ICU and sit in a corner and just do nothing, body was shaking, dunno what to do and thinking what. Just know that I already lost my dad…

Things that want to happen we cant stop if from happen, let it be…Appreciate what he have now.

B r y a N`



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We were given: Two hands to hold. To legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find  ………..

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Problem, worried , shit .. .

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Aug 31st ! Merdeka … happy birthday to Malaysia. On top of that, i having a nice party with all my friend. Some of em is leaving to somewhere to work, got birthday boy in the party… is a fun night and  i m totally relax, never think about stress of working , live … while just eat , drink and drink. Is a awesome party for the week. Lot thing that happen recently. Friend having love problem, money problem , life problem and shite loads other problems. Well this is life, for sure we met problem in our life,  this is what meant to be. Problem is a challenge for us in life,  is like when we play a game, stage that need to clear, boss that need to kill. We need to think how to solve a problem, learn from mistake , think about the solution for the problem. If cant solve with this way, try other way. Like we use diff strat for game, is the same when we face a problem, FIND A WAY TO SOLVE IT, NOT AVOID IT. Every problem do have solution, just need to think about how to deal with it.

And also ladies and gentlemen outside there ! HOW MANY TIME WE HAVE IN OUR LIFETIME ? SO LIVE HAPPILY ! WHY WANNA WORRIED SO MUCH. Like a series that i watch, the guy also mention ” we got how many 10 years to been through ! most important is live happily ! ” What i totally agreed with it, is true either we choose to live happily or live with full of worried that make your mood and life down or sad. Why should we worried so much , why should we bother so much, take it easy… Chill down and think how to deal with it, think it with a positive way, choose the clever way, pick the correct solution, face it and eventually the problem will be solve. Nothings is impossible ! If there is a problem, sure there is a way to solve it.

Quote for the day ” Live happily, problem is always not a problem” .

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Things are tough…

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Things are tough , life are hard…Just cant think  of what to do, suddenly feel that life is so pointless. Sometimes will think that, why we doing this for… Ppl come ppl go, met so many ppl in my life…suddenly wanna find someone to talk, but….cant find anyone. Hmm, why got this kind of feeling, dun ask me why because I also dunno why I think this way…Mayb too much stress, need some space to breath..  I also dunno why I think of this , really doesn’t make sense…

B r y a N`


Life Tough…

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Time pass so fast, already 1 month I been working for DELL. Do learn lot of things in there, start to understand how to work in a team. Thanks to all my colleague and all the nice friend in DELL who helped me when I m in trouble. Well I guess every big company is the same, when you work longer, lot of things may occur..bad things , good things. From there you tend to understand hows the organization works. Some ppl do drag their personal stuff to work, doing all those hanky panky out from your sigh, like what I facing previous week. For no reason I been complain and labeled as a “Kira Person”, what does Kira Person mean? There is somethings like you do  not like to help other and complain lot. Personally I am pretty sure that I am not that kind of person, I would ask around if there anyone who need my help when ever I am available. Sometimes this kind of issue cant be avoid, for some reason others will just poke you from behind and spread  around about it, as what my colleague said we cant stop others from being spreading it, just let it be and do  what you suppose to do. I am totally agreed but just feel sick about it, out from no where you been backstep for no reason. Think back about it, you will feel very painful when somebody did that to you, dint do anythings, but help each other, in the end this is what you get. But what to do, you need the job, you need to take it, you need to face it, you need to accept it…Now I understand working under a big roof is not easy as what others say. Everyday you are like wearing a mask as well as others around you, we dunno when they gonna do these again to you. Well I can say… LIFE IS TOUGH, but very lucky i met a person who helped me lot and also willing to listen what i mumble and now slowly we become good friend.

*Remember peeps, no pain no gain !